Azzedine Ounahi Biography: Religion, Salary, Age, Parents, Family, Net Worth and Wife


Azzedine Ounahi Biography: Religion, Salary, Age, Parents, Family, Net Worth and Wife

Azzedine Ounahi is a professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Ligue 1 club Marseille and the Morocco national team. Without further delay, let us get to exploring his biography, religion, salary, age, parents, family, nationality, and wife.

Early Life and Family Background

Azzedine Ounahi was born on April 19, 2000, in Casablanca, Morocco. He is the son of Moroccan parents who stayed in Morocco throughout their lives. According to research, Azzedine Ounahi’s siblings are two in number, and he is the middle child. Not to mention that Ounahi hails from an athletic family, with several of his family members participating in sports. His elder and younger brothers also play amateur football in Morocco. His uncle is also a former professional player with Raja Club Athletic.

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Azzedine Ouhani Family Origin

The football player was born in Casablanca, Morocco. The exact ancestry could potentially be about Azzedine Ouhani’s parents.

What information do we have about Azzedine Ouhani’s hometown? For instance, Casablanca is home to Africa’s largest mosque. In addition, the city is Morocco’s economic powerhouse. It has one of the world’s largest artificial ports, which acts as the country’s naval base.

Morocco enhances its football prowess in addition to its huge tourism. Here is one player that shares Azzedine Ounahi’s nationality: Lamine Yamal.

Azzedine Ounahi’s Ethnicity

Certainly! Casablanca, like all of Morocco, is a melting pot of diverse ethnicities. Arabs, Berbers (Amazigh), Sahrawis, Jews, and Sub-Saharan Africans are among the ethnic groups constituted in Azzedine Ounahi’s hometown.

It is important to note that, while these are distinct ethnic groups, there has been extensive cultural exchange over time. This includes the different merging and intermarriages that have resulted in the beautiful, diversified tapestry that is Casablanca today.

In its construction, the name “Azzedine Ounahi” sounds completely Arabic. As a result, the North African footballer is of Arab descent.

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Azzedine Ounahi Education

According to what we know about Azzedine Ounahi’s family, his mother didn’t have a lot of money. This could have made education more difficult for them. But they discovered a way to make things work without completely missing out. The African footballer attended Mohammed Academy.

Moroccans took a different path than the majority of people. Rather than studying, he laced up his cleats for the football academy. Why? He felt that football was his passion and future, and he wanted to devote all of his time and energy to perfecting the game.

Azzedine Ounahi Career

Ounahi began his football career in 2010 with the Raja Casablanca team. Ounahi was a part of the team until 2015. Ounahi then got the opportunity to play for another club and joined the Mohammed VI Football Academy.

Ounahi then moved to Strasbourg II in 2018, where he played 35 professional games and scored a goal until 2020. In addition, as a member of Avranches II, Ounahi participated in two matches and scored one goal. Ounahi signed with the Avranches for the 2020–21 season, appearing in 27 games and scoring five goals.

The central midfielder joined Olympique Marseille during the winter session of the 2022–23 season. Azzedine was among the newly arrived players, along with Vitinha, Alexis Sanchez, and Nuno Tavares. The new Ligue 1 player has gotten what he has always prayed for.

Ounahi’s contract will run until June 2027 and will cost more than 7.5 million euros. In his debut, the midfielder showcased his abilities by scoring against Nantes. Azzedine was representing not only his club but also his national team.

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Azzedine Ounahi’s Wife

Azzedine Ounahi is happily married to Sarah Ibriz, who was also born in Casablanca; the two must have met during one of his matches. There is no other information available about this young lady.

However, a post on her Instagram page indicates that they have divorced and are no longer married. Sarah claimed that her marriage to the central midfielder did not go as planned.

Azzedine Ounahi Family Life

The exceptional Moroccan footballer has reached huge milestones in his career, thanks in large part to the unwavering support of his family. The following section will go further into the rich details of Azzedine Ounahi’s background. Let’s get right in!

About Azzedine Ounahi’s Father

The legendary Casablanca-born footballer has managed to keep his family life private, especially details about his father. Despite thorough searches, no major information about his father has emerged, reflecting a deliberate desire to protect his privacy.

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About Azzedine Ounahi’s Mother

While there isn’t much information about the Moroccan-born woman in our story, it’s clear that her middle son loves her influence. Mrs. Ounahi, without a doubt, had an important role in providing and teaching principles of responsibility and ambition to him. A notable example is when she thanked Morocco’s King and the world for her child’s success.

Azzedine Ounahi’s mother’s influence on his life and profession is undeniable, as evidenced by his unrelenting dedication to his football journey. The midfielder’s mother is undeniably amazing, and her presence is essential while recounting his story.

About Azzedine Ounahi’s Siblings

Azzedine Ounahi’s brothers are proven to exist, according to our research, as reported by Aljazeera. According to accounts, his older and younger siblings are both involved in football and play for an amateur club.

Despite thorough research, the names of Azzedine Ounahi’s brothers have yet to be mentioned anywhere. And, while they may not be in the spotlight, their impact on the life of an attacking midfielder is undeniable.

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Azzedine Ounahi’s Salary and Net Worth

Azzedine’s career has taken off like a rocket since he joined Olympique Marseille. At his former club, Angers, the midfielder earned more than €11,000. However, his performance and skills have improved over time, so his salary has increased.

Azzedine Ounahi earns more than $70,000 a year, according to Capology. This figure places him among the fifth-highest earners in Marseille.

The Moroccan athlete (Azzedine) received a contract worth €16,600,000. The deal will run for more than three years, expiring in 2027. However, according to FreshersBio, Azzedine Ounahi’s net worth is estimated to be 1 million dollars. This is likely to increase once he joins the English Premier League.

Azzedine Ounahi’s Religion

According to Wikipedia, the name “Azzedine” is of Arabic origin and signifies “high rank, honor, and prestige.” In addition, Ounahi was born in Morocco, where Shia Islam is the common religion.

With all of this information, we are certain that the midfielder is Muslim. Soccer10Tips, on the other hand, is unable to determine if Azzedine is a Shia or Sunni Muslim.

Wiki Summary

The table contains all of the information regarding Azzedine Ounahi’s Biography.

Full Name Azzedine Ounahi
Date of Birth 19 April 2000
Place of Birth Casablanca, Morocco
Age 23 years
Mother Mrs Ounahi
Father Mr Ounahi
Siblings Two footballer brother
Cousin Reda Mahnawi
Height 1.82 m (6 ft 0 in)
Ex- Wife Sarah Ibriz
Playing Position Attacking Midfielder
Religion Islam
Net Worth 1 million dollars
Current team Marseille
Nationality Moroccan

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